Roofs that shape the future

The future of architecture? That’s innovative designs, says one. It’s modular constructions, says the next. It’s new functionalities of buildings, says everybody. Whichever future you envision for architecture, it needs to actively respond to the biggest of challenges: sustainability. Form 5 celebrates the best combinations of design and sustainability, in which modern roof solutions play a central role.

Discover innovative roofs that take the buildings they cover to a whole new level.

EPDM, roofing that covers the challenges of modern architecture

EPDM, roofing that covers the challenges of modern architecture


EPDM lasts for more than 50 years. During all those years, its structure remains unchanged. To help it last even longer, you can easily get it repaired many years after installation. It can also be recycled and reused. All boxes checked: EPDM is a confirmed sustainable roofing choice.

Active roofs

EPDM allows you to activate the fifth wall in many ways. It’s inert and non-toxic, which makes it a perfect base for blue roofs. It’s heat- and UV resistant — ideal for under solar panels. It’s also a great choice for green roofs as it’s waterproof and and resistant to root penetration. And the list goes on.

Design freedom

Protecting even the most elaborate designs, EPDM roofing membrane easily adapts to the surface it covers. From curvy, organic forms in neo-futuristic style to modernist flat surfaces — EPDM takes the shape of your ideas. It can also be placed over existing roofing systems, making it perfect for renovations.