What can EPDM 
mean for your

As technologies evolve, professionals search for solutions that best address the challenges they face. As a future-ready roofing material, EPDM covers all the needs of today’s architects: its outstanding performance, flexibility and longevity enable any roof activation plan and a whole spectrum of design ideas. And last but not least: it’s the most sustainable roofing available.



EPDM significantly reduces the environmental impact of the buildings it covers. It responds to all demands of circular construction as a reusable, recyclable and repairable material. On top of that, it takes significantly less resources to produce a thin, single-ply EPDM membrane, compared to traditional roofing solutions.

Reuse & Recycle

EPDM ticks all the boxes of circular construction. Its longevity allows to slow down the loop of resources. Thanks to its durability and constant flexibility, it can be easily reused. And above all: it’s recyclable.


EPDM roofing membranes last for at least 50 years and their structure and elasticity remain unchanged. They can be easily repaired, which allows them to last even longer. No doubt: EPDM is the most durable roofing material available.


EPDM is inert and doesn’t release any toxic substances during or after installation. Fully safe for people and the environment, it allows to collect rainwater for domestic use without risk.


Sustainability certifications create new standards for  the future. As a material that significantly reduces environmental impact, EPDM actively contributes to achieving highest ratings in BREEAM and LEED programs. 



Activating the fifth façade is a trend that serves different purposes. From maximizing the overall efficiency of the building to collecting energy and water and using a roof as an additional living surface. With EPDM, all challenges related to durability, flexibility, longevity and waterproofing of the rooftop are solved with just one layer of roofing that lasts a lifetime.

Green roofs

Green roofs cool down and insulate. Reduce noise. Create habitats for birds and insects. All great features. However, it’s only made to last when it’s designed carefully and installed on the non-toxic root-and water resistant EPDM membrane.

Blue roofs

Vital to new architecture? The roof’s water management capability. EPDM works great on blue roofs that retain water, slow down the drainage and are linked up with water harvesting systems — all because of its impeccable waterproofing features.

Solar roofs

The UV resistance of EPDM is the highest among all available roofing solutions. It lasts longer than the solar panels, which allows to create sustainable, low-maintenance solar roofs that function for many decades.



Design process is an interplay of functionality, aesthetics and performance. Chosen materials should enable creativity rather than limit it, without any compromises on the quality of the building. EPDM allows you to protect even the most elaborate modern designs and enable future-proof renovations.

Unusual forms

Freedom of design is key to those creating big things. Thanks to its flexibility and availability in big, single-ply sheets, EPDM supports creative solutions. It also enables future transformations and placing new objects on the roof.

Quick installation

Installing EPDM is fast, flame-free and safe for people and the environment. When it comes to large roof surfaces and irregular shapes and forms, EPDM ensures a swift and easy installation process.

Perfect for renovations

EPDM can be installed directly on most existing roofing systems, with or without insulation. Since it’s safe and flame-free, many renovations can happen without closing the building underneath.


When creativity and high performance meet in one design, we’re talking masterpieces. Whether you innovate with shapes or functional solutions, EPDM is the answer to all challenges of modern architecture.